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Doctor entering patient notes on laptop in surgery

Workplace Wellness

Our workplace wellness is geared towards you

Small Business

10-100 employees

Workplace Wellness

Interest in your employees and their health

Improved Finances

Avoid decreased productivity and increased health care costs

Wellness as benefit

Add wellness to your benefit package

Attract and retain top level employees


How can workplace wellness be incorporated for you?

Listen to our podcast on 5 Steps to Workplace Wellness

Dr. Jeremy is your guide to Workplace Wellness

  • Medical Doctor (MD)
  • Masters in Business Administration in Health Care (MBA)
  • BS in Economics
  • Small Business Owner
  • Former CFO of mid-sized organization
  • Years of experience treating chronic and acute conditions
  • Knowledge of Best Practices in workplace wellness and utilizes research based medicine
Doctor Jeremy

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Workplace Wellness Facts

  • Work is the #1 cause of stress for people
  • People who do not like their job are 2 times more likely to have a heart attack
  • Average American spend 100,000 hours at work throughout their lifetime
  • Only 30% of workers claim to like their jobs



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