Which Wellness Program is right for you?

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Wellness at Work

Every company needs wellness. Wellness improves productivity, reduces absenteeism, outcompetes competitors for top talent and improves your bottom line.

Whether you have an outstanding team in need of a few new ideas or you need a wellness jumpstart pathway, we can help!

Dr. Jeremy offers consulting services to assess your needs and creates a company-wide wellness action plan. His experience and knowledge is available to you and your company, as you employ wellness in your workplace. He understands business, medicine and wellness, making him the right person for your needs.

Schedule a consultation appointment with Dr. Jeremy to discuss your company's needs.

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Physician-Guided Well90

If you are struggling with health and wellness and are looking for something more, then the Physician-Guided Well90 Program is for you. This program is designed for success in 90 days and is led by a physician to get the most out of the program.

Schedule a consultation appointment with Dr. Jeremy today to get started with the Physician-Guided Well90 Program.

He will guide you on the Well90 Program. (Available to people in Colorado only currently...Inquire about your State contact@doctorofliving.com).

Learn more about the Guided Well90 Program here

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Wellness for Physicians by Physicians

Physicians have one of the highest burn out rates in the country. Part of the reason is we all spend so much time caring for others, without regard to our own wellness. We all need wellness and it takes dedication, practice and a wellness companion.

If you are feeling the burn or have let your personal health and wellness slide while serving others, we got you covered.

Consider a wellness consultation with Dr. Jeremy. Physicians needs to trust their wellness needs to another physician. AS an ER physician first, Dr. Jeremy understands that better than anyone.

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Self-Guided Well90

Are you a do-it-yourselfer and want a wellness program that's completely automated, then you need our Well90 Program.

Not all of us want to talk with a doctor. We get it. We have created one of the first completely automated wellness programs on the market.

Learn more about the Well90 Program here

Ready to start your wellness journey?

The Well90 Program: 90 Days to Wellness

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