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Well90™ Program Overview

What is the Well90™ Program?


The Well90 Program is a wellness improvement program which considers your mind, body and soul. If you are looking to find true wellness in your life, avoid disease, weight problems, decrease stress, and improve happiness, then this program is for you. Imagine a life where you are achieving your maximal potential. This life is possible and has happened for many already. You can do it and we will help you get there. Join us now, let’s learn and grow!

How does the Well90™ Program work?


Assess > Work Plan > Re-Assess > Finalize Plan


  1. Complete initial wellness assessment.

  2. Within one week receive Wellness Plan and Wellness Companion.

  3. Follow your Wellness Plan using your Wellness Companion.

  4. Support during 90-day improvement period while you are working the plan.

  5. Repeat the wellness assessment.

  6. Issuance of final Health Improvement Action Plan

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What I Need to Start the Well90 Program?

  • 30 minute time frame to take wellness assessment
  • A general idea of your diet for past week
  • Have a recent blood pressure AND cholesterol check (total and LDL).*

*If you do not have a current cholesterol you can order one here to ship to your house.

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You are on your way to reaching your maximum potential!  Take the step to a better, healthier you.