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Doctor Jeremy

Position: Founder

Education: Medical Degree, Medical College of Wisconsin; Master’s in Business Administration University of Colorado; B.S. in Economics, University of Wisconsin Madison

Home Base: Rocky Mountains near Fort Collins, Colorado

Places you might find me: Our small farm, on the river, hiking or on the road.

Reasons I might make you laugh: I love dancing to Disney music with my family, but lack beauty and coordination.



Position: Counsel

Education: B.A. in Political Science & Legal Studies, University of Wisconsin-Madison; J.D., University of Oregon School of Law

Home Base: San Francisco Bay Area, California

Places you might find me: On hikes/long walks with my wife and our rescued Formosan Mountain Dog, Harper, at my firm office in San Francisco or eating at a Michelin Star restaurant.

Reasons you might laugh at me: I’m a germophobe and sanitize my hands after touching anything in public.