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Cancer Can Be Prevented – #11

It is up to us as a community of family, friends and neighbors to uphold a cancer-free environment that offers the protection that our loved ones deserve. By waiting until they have developed cancer, we have missed the opportunity to create the conditions by which they could’ve avoided it altogether. Read more at the blog…

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Cancer Can Be Prevented

What if I told you that only 5-10% of all cancer was genetic? What if I told you that only 1 in 20 of all of us and our loved ones that get a cancer diagnosis were pre-ordained by their genetics to get cancer, meaning 19 in 20 didn’t need to get it? You wouldn’t…

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Preventing Breast Cancer

Today is World Cancer Day. Thanks to the Union for International Cancer Control for organizing it and to all of the wonderful men and women out there who support this day. Per the World Cancer Day statistics, 17 people die every minute from cancer around the world.[1] The theme this year is “I can, we…

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