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How is Wellness Different from Health?

Living Wellness
The Road to Wellness

People are talking about all kinds of things health and wellness, but rarely do I hear anyone referring to wellness correctly. Dr. John Travis, a wellness expert and mentor, once said to me, “You have to get your head straight about wellness.”

After years of research, I won’t say that I have a perfect understanding, but it’s much better. In this podcast, we will explore how wellness is a way of living. It’s inherently different than anything else we do.

Just like we follow religion to find our God and we maintain our cars to prevent problems, we have to be living a life of health and wellness to prevent disease. 1/2 of Americans have a chronic condition or disease AND 80-90% of those diseases are preventable. All we have today in healthcare is early detection. Wellness is TRUE PREVENTION. Let’s start living a life that prevents those disease through wellness.

This podcast is a vision of how we can start living a life of wellness. I have also written a blog this week on the topic, check it out.

If you love this Podcast and you are ready to start living a life of true prevention and health, it’s time to check out our Well90 Program.

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