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Forgiveness and Your Health

forgiveness shown by holding hands

Forgiveness has numerous health benefits. Perhaps the greatest studied and understood is the opposite of giving forgiveness, which is withholding forgiveness. There are numerous health problems that have been tied to withholding forgiveness, such as heart disease, chronic pain, substance abuse. [i] Forgiveness is a highly underutilized intervention for health and wellness problems. It is my contention, as my regular readers will attest to, that many of our problems with eating, exercise and self-love, start with spiritual health. Forgiveness is a key intervention for spiritual health.

In this podcast episode, Dr. Jeremy explores the concept of forgiveness and the effect of forgiveness on your health and wellness.

One of the key elements of wellness, unlike health, is that health problems require interventions. Of course, there are health problems that may benefit from forgiveness and there is research that supports the positive impact of forgiveness as an intervention and shows reduction in depression and improvement and self-perceived physical health. So, while forgiveness could be used as an intervention, it is my opinion that it may be best used if adopted as part of a wellness plan in improving of one’s lifestyle. In order to do this, we need wellness plans, which guide us, encourage, remind and support us in giving forgiveness regularly, as a way to achieve our best selves. If you haven’t been talking about how forgiveness may improve your health, isn’t it time?

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[i] Forgiveness and Health. Scientific Evidence and Theories Relative Forgiveness to Better Health. Toussaint, Worthington, Williams. Springer. DOI 10.1007/978-94-017-9993-5

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