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Eliminate Toxic Home Cleaning Products and Toxic Personal Care Products

Are you ready to eliminate toxic home cleaning products and toxic personal care products? Do you know which products are safe and which products cause harm? In this podcast, Dr. Jeremy interviews Jenny Diehl, founder of the CuraTe. It’s a must listen for anyone who wants to avoid toxins, but doesn’t know who to trust or where to turn.

Time to get rid of toxic home care products…

Most of us use toxic home cleaning products and aren’t even aware we do so. This exposes us to harmful risks for disease of ourselves and our families. Many of us also use toxic personal care products, which could shorten our lives and reduce the quality of our lives, by increasing our risk for Alzheimer’s disease and other health conditions.

Time to get rid of toxic personal care products…

This podcast is loaded with helpful information. First, we explore the importance of toxin avoidance and the harmful consequences of not doing so with a very personal story from Jenny. Next, we explore the importance of trust from companies you buy your home care and personal care products from. Dr. Jeremy learns from Jenny about the term “green washing,” which applies to many companies that seek your business. These companies use deceiving terms, but aren’t offering truly clean products. Finally, we learn from Jenny what products CuraTe has to offer and how they developed them. This is a podcast, you are NOT going to want to miss and may change your life.

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