What is Wellness – #5

We have to start viewing the human being not as the sum of its parts but rather a complex mental, physical and spiritual well being.

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How to Make Your Love Life Better- #4

 One of the most important parts of love is our love-life within the relationship. It’s our belief at Doctor of Living, that a healthy love-life is a reflection of overall health and all five pillars of health. 

Healthy nutrition leads to healthy sexual performance and strong sexual desire. A healthy love-life leads to regular physical activity. Healthy physical activity has an impact on a healthy love-life. Toxins can damage our bodies and impair our love-life. A healthy emotional state is important to achieving a healthy love-life. Finally, a healthy love-life in a supported relationship leads to a deeper spiritual connection with your partner. When we consider our partner’s needs first before our own desires, we have develop a deepened spiritual connection within that relationship.

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The Winter Blues – #3

Seasonal affective disorder likely impacts someone you love or yourself. The winter blues can put a damper on your life. Imagine yourself happier, in spite of winter, check out our Podcast on the Winter Blues and we will tell you how.

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Preventing Breast Cancer – #2

Breast cancer negatively impacts all of us. Imagine if we could beat breast cancer, before it ever happened. Listen to this Podcast to find out what evidence is out there for preventing breast cancer.

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Plant-Based Breakfast – #1

Ever wondered what a plant-based breakfast looks like? Join me on the Doctor of Living Podcast and we’ll explore some simple things you can do to give your breakfast some plant-power.

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