Why Workplace Wellness Isn’t Working – #15

What we are doing for “workplace wellness”, why it isn’t working, and a vision for a workplace wellness program that actually works.

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Nature and Wellness – #14

Knowing and understanding nature’s impact on our health is important. Spending time outdoors shows improvements in health and well-being.


Workplace Wellness – #13

In the past, businesses competed by offering benefits, competitive salary, and desired work location/life. The workforce is changing and increasingly employees need something different. They need wellness at work.

Dr. Jeremy discusses workplace wellness.

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Happiness Meditation – #12

Meditation focused on Happiness led by Dr. Jeremy.

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Cancer Can Be Prevented – #11

It is up to us as a community of family, friends and neighbors to uphold a cancer-free environment that offers the protection that our loved ones deserve. By waiting until they have developed cancer, we have missed the opportunity to create the conditions by which they could’ve avoided it altogether.

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Developing the Subconscious – #10

Join us as we discuss the subconscious mind and the ways you can help develop your child’s subconscious mind, before it’s too late.

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Financial Wellness – #9

Today we are going to talk about financial wellness and its relationship to our own health and wellness.

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Forgiveness Meditation – #8

Enjoy this 10-minute meditation on forgiveness. The ability to forgive is linked to better health. Find a quiet place where you can do the meditation and work on your ability to forgive.


How Pets Can Prevent Health Problems – #7

We love our pets and there are numerous health benefits associated with owning them. They are not for everyone, but for those that can have pets, you should give it a try, it might just save your life! In the meantime, it can help stabilize your emotional wellness, particularly if you are prone to depression or anxiety. It can help spiritually connect with another being. It will likely get you out in nature, a proven way to improve health and wellness. 

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Nutritional Wellness – #6

As a physician, people often ask me about how my family eats. We eat a whole foods plant-based diet. We don’t identify ourselves as Vegan or Vegetarian. We eat a whole foods plant-based, because it’s healthier for our bodies, better for the environment, and because it’s fun. We have reduced the inflammation that plagued us, lost weight, and improved our energy. It’s worked for us and will work for you too! It does take time.

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