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The Doctor of Living Podcast with Doctor Jeremy

Ready to live longer, feel better, be happier, and look better?  Learn about our unique approach to healthy living and wellness.  Doctor of Living was started by a real doctor who has created the most comprehensive approach to the mind-body-soul.  The Doctor of Living Podcast is your place for wellness information.  Dr. Jeremy researches trends in health and wellness and explains the implications to our health and how we can live our best lives.

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Two Weeks to Plant Based

Wellness is achieving one’s maximal potential. It’s hard to do this, when you don’t eat right. What we eat determines a lot about how we will live.

On this episode of the Doctor of Living Podcast, Dr. Jeremy discusses a plant-based diet and a plan for starting your first two weeks.


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You Are More Than Your Genes

On today’s Doctor of Living Podcast, Dr. Jeremy talks about epigenetics. You are not going to want to miss this. Dr. Jeremy talks about an exciting new study and what it means for you. 

Highlights of the podcast:

  1. Chronic disease is the largest killer of our times.
  2. Epigenetics research shows correlation between our genetics and the development of disease – yet LIFESTYLE CAN MODIFY THIS.
  3. The 5 Pillars of Health:
    Nutrition, Physical Activity, Toxin Avoidance, Emotional Wellness and Spiritual Connections can effect the expression of your genetics.

You are not predestined to suffer from chronic disease and illness.  Most chronic disease is in your control.

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The importance of self-love in reaching your optimal wellness.


Why Everyone Needs a Wellness Plan

Everyone needs a wellness plan to reach their maximal potential. In this podcast, Doctor Jeremy discusses the components of a complete wellness plan.

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Why Workplace Wellness Isn’t Working

Doctor entering patient notes on a laptop in surgery

What we are doing for “workplace wellness”, why it isn’t working, and a vision for a workplace wellness program that actually works.

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Nature and Wellness

Knowing and understanding nature’s impact on our health is important. Spending time outdoors shows improvements in health and well-being.


Workplace Wellness

Workplace Wellness

In the past, businesses competed by offering benefits, competitive salary, and desired work location/life. The workforce is changing and increasingly employees need something different. They need wellness at work.

Dr. Jeremy discusses workplace wellness.

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Happiness Meditation

Meditation focused on Happiness led by Dr. Jeremy.

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Cancer Can Be Prevented

It is up to us as a community of family, friends and neighbors to uphold a cancer-free environment that offers the protection that our loved ones deserve. By waiting until they have developed cancer, we have missed the opportunity to create the conditions by which they could’ve avoided it altogether.

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Developing the Subconscious

Join us as we discuss the subconscious mind and the ways you can help develop your child’s subconscious mind, before it’s too late.

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