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The Doctor of Living Podcast with Doctor Jeremy

Ready to live longer, feel better, be happier, and look better?  Learn about our unique approach to healthy living and wellness.  Doctor of Living was started by a real doctor who has created the most comprehensive approach to the mind-body-soul.  The Doctor of Living Podcast is your place for wellness information.  Dr. Jeremy researches trends in health and wellness and explains the implications to our health and how we can live our best lives.

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Workplace Wellness Program in 5 Steps

Responsible small businesses understand the importance of a workplace wellness program. The problem is how to assess your needs and implement.
Today on the Doctor of Living Podcast, Dr. Jeremy discusses 5 steps to getting started with a workplace wellness program.

  • Take inventory of the problems of your employee workforce.
  • Define your goals
  • Create a plan and use professional resources
  • Work the wellness plan
  • Reevaluate your progress with the wellness plan

Learn more about Workplace Wellness at the Doctor of Living website. We have resources to help guide your decisions. Also, you can schedule a free consultation with Dr. Jeremy to determine your company’s wellness needs.

Learn more about the Wellness Improvement Process here. The wellness improvement processes is a patent-pending process to approaching workplace wellness. It helps businesses apply the proven methods to their workplace wellness programs.

5 Steps to Workplace Wellness

Eliminate Toxic Home Cleaning Products and Toxic Personal Care Products

Eliminate Toxic Home Cleaning Products and Toxic Personal Care Products
Ready to get a clear head about toxins?

Are you ready to eliminate toxic home cleaning products and toxic personal care products? Do you know which products are safe and which products cause harm? In this podcast, Dr. Jeremy interviews Jenny Diehl, founder of the CuraTe. It’s a must listen for anyone who wants to avoid toxins, but doesn’t know who to trust or where to turn.

Time to get rid of toxic home care products…

Most of us use toxic home cleaning products and aren’t even aware we do so. This exposes us to harmful risks for disease of ourselves and our families. Many of us also use toxic personal care products, which could shorten our lives and reduce the quality of our lives, by increasing our risk for Alzheimer’s disease and other health conditions.

Time to get rid of toxic personal care products…

This podcast is loaded with helpful information. First, we explore the importance of toxin avoidance and the harmful consequences of not doing so with a very personal story from Jenny. Next, we explore the importance of trust from companies you buy your home care and personal care products from. Dr. Jeremy learns from Jenny about the term “green washing,” which applies to many companies that seek your business. These companies use deceiving terms, but aren’t offering truly clean products. Finally, we learn from Jenny what products CuraTe has to offer and how they developed them. This is a podcast, you are NOT going to want to miss and may change your life.

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Follow CuraTe @lovecurate, OR contact CuraTe at or call 970-989-9919.

Avoiding toxins is one of Doctor of Living’s 5 Pillars of Health and part of every single wellness plan, we create. If you are ready to start living healthier, check out the Well90 Program.

Remember to follow Dr. Jeremy @doctorofliving on IG and Twitter, on FB at, OR contact him at or 970-493-3800.


How is Wellness Different from Health?

Living Wellness
The Road to Wellness

People are talking about all kinds of things health and wellness, but rarely do I hear anyone referring to wellness correctly. Dr. John Travis, a wellness expert and mentor, once said to me, “You have to get your head straight about wellness.”

After years of research, I won’t say that I have a perfect understanding, but it’s much better. In this podcast, we will explore how wellness is a way of living. It’s inherently different than anything else we do.

Just like we follow religion to find our God and we maintain our cars to prevent problems, we have to be living a life of health and wellness to prevent disease. 1/2 of Americans have a chronic condition or disease AND 80-90% of those diseases are preventable. All we have today in healthcare is early detection. Wellness is TRUE PREVENTION. Let’s start living a life that prevents those disease through wellness.

This podcast is a vision of how we can start living a life of wellness. I have also written a blog this week on the topic, check it out.

If you love this Podcast and you are ready to start living a life of true prevention and health, it’s time to check out our Well90 Program.


Plant Based Diet Debate – #25

On this episode of the Doctor of Living podcast, Dr. Jeremy discusses plant based diets. Specifically, he talks about two new hot topics in the media.

  1. A recent Annals of Internal Medicine article claiming meat is good to eat.
  2. A new movie called Game Changers that discusses plant based diets and the impact on performance of athletes.

Join us in the debate at



Everybody is talking about toxins these days. They are in the air. In our water. In our homes!! What are you doing to keep your family safe? We often defer this responsibility to others, suspecting that someone else is “watching out” for us. This isn’t always the case and toxins that were safe before may have evidence that they are no longer safe.

Cleanses, detoxes are popular, but have limited proof of actually working. The best is if we can avoid our exposures altogether. 

We have a special guest on this Podcast, a toxicologist who I know really well who will help sort through this. There are things we can do.

You are not going to want to miss this. Toxin avoidance is part of all of our Well90 program participant’s lives. It needs to be part of yours too. 

Join me on the Doctor of Living Podcast #24, entitled Avoiding Toxins.

Here are links from our Podcast:

We recommend testing your water. Here’s a link to ProLab’s Water test.

Jenny Diehl of Cura Te is a superstar. We highly recommend her products.

We recommend testing your air. Here’s a link to one of ProLab’s Air Quality Test.

Learn more about Toxins at Doctor of Living.


Men’s Health – #23

It’s fall: football season. It’s a great time to talk about men’s health! Men’s health is in a state of crisis. According to the NIH, 3 in 4 men or 73.7% of men are overweight or obese, nearly 10% more than women. Of most concern to men are 2 things: hearts and manhood. Impotence increases with age, up 43% between 60-69 years old and 70% by 70 years old. It is highly correlated with BMI, total body fat percent. 1 in every 4 men will die of heart disease, 1/2 of whom will have no preceding symptoms.

In this podcast, I explore ways in which diet, exercise, stress, and meaning in life can negatively impact masculinity. This podcast is NOT just for men, it’s for anyone who loves a man and is concerned about their health and wellbeing.

If you are interested in a wellness program to improve men’s health, check out our Well90 Program.


Wellness Starts with Spiritual Connections – #22

In this episode of the Doctor of Living Podcast, Dr. Jeremy discusses Spiritual Connections and how important these connections are to our health & wellness. Often a taboo subject in healthcare, spirituality is important to most of us – and must be considered to find true healing.

Join us as we discuss miracles, love, and string theory.


What is a Wellness Plan?

On this episode of the Doctor of Living Podcast, Doctor Jeremy discusses wellness plans. What is a wellness plan and why is a wellness plan important?

For most of us, we are products of habits. We do what we do, because it’s what we know. It’s convenient. It’s timely. It’s easy. Transitioning to anything else, can be a very daunting topic.

It’s easier to deny that there’s a problem and accept that habits we have created in our day to day life. We can expect nothing more than the standard American results of high rates of chronic disease from the standard American lifestyle. 

A wellness plan outlines a new pathway. One that is achievable. A good wellness plan, has to be multi-factorial.

Join us today on the podcast, or


Two Weeks to Plant Based – #19

Wellness is achieving one’s maximal potential. It’s hard to do this, when you don’t eat right. What we eat determines a lot about how we will live.

On this episode of the Doctor of Living Podcast, Dr. Jeremy discusses a plant-based diet and a plan for starting your first two weeks.


Learn more about our wellness programs at


You Are More Than Your Genes

On today’s Doctor of Living Podcast, Dr. Jeremy talks about epigenetics. You are not going to want to miss this. Dr. Jeremy talks about an exciting new study and what it means for you. 

Highlights of the podcast:

  1. Chronic disease is the largest killer of our times.
  2. Epigenetics research shows correlation between our genetics and the development of disease – yet LIFESTYLE CAN MODIFY THIS.
  3. The 5 Pillars of Health:
    Nutrition, Physical Activity, Toxin Avoidance, Emotional Wellness and Spiritual Connections can effect the expression of your genetics.

You are not predestined to suffer from chronic disease and illness.  Most chronic disease is in your control.

Take the first step, learn more.

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