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Doc’s Picks

Dr. Jeremy’s list of favorite books, documentaries, cookbooks, and other resources to help achieve your maximum wellness.

Books for Wellness

Find the Fruit in Your Life
Our book highlighting the five pillars of health. How have we gotten into this health mess we are in, and what is within our power to change?


How Not to Die
Dr. Michael Greger’s extensively researched book provides the clinical reasons one should choose a whole foods plant based diet.

The China Study
Dr. T. Campbell and Dr. Thomas Campbell II lead readers through the most extensive nutrition study available showing the benefits of a whole food plant based diet.

Documentaries for Wellness

Forks Over Knives
Don’t have the time to read The China Study? This documentary will walk you through the main points of the study and how it’s applicable to our daily lives and eating habits.

The Devil We Know
A disturbing look into the toxic effects of chemically created non-stick/water repellant surfaces.

Super Size Me
This documentary has been out for a while but still provides a view into one man’s changes after living on a fast food diet.

Cookbooks for Wellness

How Not to Die Cookbook
Corresponding to Dr. Greger’s How Not to Die book, this cookbook provides delicious recipes and color photos for almost every recipe. The entire cookbook is whole food plant based no oil. You can feel confident that you will have a healthy, and delicious meal, with this cookbook as your guide.

Forks Over Knives – The Cookbook
What this cookbook lacks in images for the recipes, it makes up for with delicious recipes all using the whole food plant based no oil model. A center section has some pictures in color, but overall you will want to skim through to see which recipes sound delicious. Give something a try – you’ll bound to love it.

Thug Kitchen
If you don’t mind a little bit of vulgar language (okay…actually a lot of vulgar language) you will find this is an excellent vegan cookbook. Many recipes call for oil but could be substituted with water or vegetable broth (like when you saute vegetables).