Spiritual Connections

How Pets Can Prevent Health Problems – #7

We love our pets and there are numerous health benefits associated with owning them. They are not for everyone, but for those that can have pets, you should give it a try, it might just save your life! In the meantime, it can help stabilize your emotional wellness, particularly if you are prone to depression…

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How Pets Can Prevent Health Problems

Emotional Wellness and Spiritual Connections are two of Doctor of Living’s 5 Pillars of Health. The 5 Pillars of Health help us to establish a framework for wellness. To review, the 5 Pillars of Health™ are nutrition, physical activity, toxin avoidance, emotional wellness and spiritual connections. Wellness is working towards one’s maximal potential. Pets can…

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Cheat Death with Good Health

Nothing can possibly be darker than talking about death. If you walked into a party and started blurting out statistics on death, most people would run for the other room. Unfortunately, part of the way that we determine how to live needs to be by studying how we die. I have been at the bedside…

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