Cheat Death with Good Health

Nothing can possibly be darker than talking about death. If you walked into a party and started blurting out statistics on death, most people would run for the other room. Unfortunately, part of the way that we determine how to live needs to be by studying how we die. I have been at the bedside…

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Why cholesterol is an important health indicator

There are many numbers that people talk about when it comes to health. Your weight, your BMI, your waist size, resting heart rate. Cholesterol may be one of the most important. Recently, there has been some press which has attempted to lessen the importance of cholesterol. Certainly, any number taken in isolation has the potential…

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Walk Before We Run

Walking is the best exercise! It isn’t the most efficient way to burn calories, but it is the easiest and most consistent way that we move. A sedentary state is the opposite of walking. When we walk our bodies are physically active. This literally means we are moving our health in the right direction :).…

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