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Avoiding Toxins

Everybody is talking about toxins these days. They are in the air. In our water. In our homes!! What are you doing to keep your family safe? We often defer this responsibility to others, suspecting that someone else is “watching out” for us. This isn’t always the case and toxins that were safe before may have evidence that they are no longer safe.

Cleanses, detoxes are popular, but have limited proof of actually working. The best is if we can avoid our exposures altogether. 

We have a special guest on this Podcast, a toxicologist who I know really well who will help sort through this. There are things we can do.

You are not going to want to miss this. Toxin avoidance is part of all of our Well90 program participant’s lives. It needs to be part of yours too. 

Join me on the Doctor of Living Podcast #24, entitled Avoiding Toxins.

Here are links from our Podcast:

We recommend testing your water. Here’s a link to ProLab’s Water test.

Jenny Diehl of Cura Te is a superstar. We highly recommend her products.

We recommend testing your air. Here’s a link to one of ProLab’s Air Quality Test.

Learn more about Toxins at Doctor of Living.

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