“It is health that is real wealth and not pieces of gold and silver.”

~Mahatma Gandhi

Our Philosophy

Good health comes from a healthy lifestyle.

You cannot buy health at a store, you can’t claim health because your weight is “normal” or because you “eat right,” and you can’t guarantee health with good genetics.

Over the past 100 years, medicine has advanced in many incredible ways, which have led to longer lives. But as we are living longer, chronic disease is rising at dramatic rates. Many believe that the rise in chronic disease should be expected – after all, we are getting older. This is not true!

We can live both longer and better. It’s time to focus on living healthier with fewer diseases, more energy and better quality of life.

One of our great successes in medicine has been to reduce the human being into parts, and modern medicine has mastered these parts. Physicians are excellent at identifying and responding to clues of an oncoming disease.

This strategy works very well for a specific issue, but not for the whole. We are a complex web of mental, physical and spiritual existence. When we reduce our health to parts, we lose sight of the whole. It’s like focusing on the trees, rather than the forest. The whole is what we need.

Today’s healthcare model doesn’t place the whole person and their lifestyle first. Primary care focuses on early detection of illnesses and prescription of medications to lessen the effects of disease. Early disease detection has tremendous value for some illnesses, such as breast cancer. It’s incredibly important and has a place in medicine, but it is not prevention. How do we prevent illness?

At Doctor of Living, we will consider your mind, body and soul, while empowering you to build your own healthy lifestyle to prevent illness.

We believe that health can best be understood through the lens of our unique 5 Pillars of Health™. This framework helps our Doctor of Living Institute™ research team to understand the implications of all dimensions of health. This allows us to help you find The Healthy Living System™ that works best.

Let’s find better health and more energy, and let’s look better and feel better. If you think it’s too challenging, think again: At Doctor of Living, we are prepared, motivated, and committed to you. We can do this together!