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“It is health that is real wealth and not pieces of gold and silver.”

~Mahatma Gandhi

The Doctor of Living Way

Welcome everyone, I’m Dr. Jeremy.

Thanks for your interest in Doctor of Living-doctoring for life not just medicine.

I’ve worked in the Emergency Room for the past 10 years. I have seen a lot of disease and suffering. I’ve treated hundreds of patients with heart problems, cancer, and stroke, as well as obesity and diabetes. I’ve taken care of thousands of patients and, in the process I’ve made an important discovery.

I discovered a concept that everyone has heard about, but that, even as a physician, I didn’t fully understand myself until just recently: wellness. It seems that primary care and our current health care system are not adequate to create true health and avoid disease. Wellness was first identified by Dr. Halbert Dunn, a noble physician, who worked for the Office of Vital Statistics. He saw this trend of chronic disease starting to rise, all the way back in the 1960s. He identified wellness as achieving one’s maximal potential and saw this as a solution to avoiding the rise in chronic, but preventable diseases. Wellness isn’t just going to the spa, it’s a way of life. It’s not just avoiding disease or the absence of disease, that’s a byproduct of achieving your maximal potential. It’s a journey, NOT a destination. If you are on the road to your maximal potential, avoiding disease will JUST happen. Most of us don’t have a wellness plan. We’ve never taken a wellness assessment, and we don’t have a wellness companion. That’s about to change.

Here’s proof that we NEED wellness, now more than ever. Chronic disease is at an all-time high. What’s incredible is that per the CDC, 80% of premature heart disease and strokes are preventable.[1]As it relates to cancer, the Prevent Cancer foundation says, “research suggests that only 5% of cancers are hereditary.” They go on to say that, “the lifestyle choices we make, the foods we eat, and our physical activity levels-have a direct impact on our overall cancer risk.” It seems that going to the primary care provider annually or semi-annually and to the ER or the Urgent Care when we are sick is just NOT enough! We all need something more! We all need a wellness plan.

That’s why I created Doctor of Living-doctoring for life not just medicine. Doctor means teacher. We all need a teacher, when we are learning something new or even refreshing our knowledge on something we already know. Living means thriving and we are all thriving when living with wellness. Our maximal potential comes from setting our goals and working with a teacher to starting thriving.

We have created the wellness improvement process, modeled after engineering principles to to help each us improve wellness in our lives. The process starts with your goals and ends with your success!

We have multiple comprehensive programs available to motivated individuals who are dedicated to making their health and wellness better. It doesn’t matter where you are starting from or what your experience has been. We will meet you where you are comfortable.

The things you will notice that are different at Doctor of Living are that we focus on:

  • Nutrition-supporting evidence-based nutritarian diets.
  • Physical Activity-supporting movement, adequate sleep, and reduction in sedentary living
  • Toxin Avoidance-supporting toxin-free lifestyle, purity from chemicals
  • Emotional Wellness-supporting emotional health, meditation, confidence, kindness
  • Spiritual Connections-supporting love, forgiveness, gratitude and building relationships with our Creator and loved ones.

At Doctor of Living, we will consider your mind, body and soul, while empowering you to build your own healthy lifestyle and find your maximal potential through our wellness programs. Everyone needs a wellness teacher, why not make it a Doctor of Living? Our programs are customized and we are sure to have one that fits your needs.

Imagine a life on a journey to your maximal potential. You are filled with more energy. You feel better. You look better. And, you have reduced your likelihood of getting sick. That life is possible and we are standing by ready to help you achieve it. If you think it’s too challenging, think again. At Doctor of Living, we are prepared, motivated, and committed to you. We can do this together!Let’s get you into a wellness program today, your first step to a wellness plan that works for you! Join us, let’s learn and grow.

[1]“Preventing 1 million Heart Attacks and Strokes.” CDC.