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How is Wellness Different – Podcast #27

People are talking about all kinds of things health and wellness, but rarely do I hear anyone referring to wellness correctly. Dr. John Travis, a wellness expert and mentor, once said to me, “You have to get your head straight about wellness.” After years of research, I won’t say that I have a perfect understanding,…

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How is Wellness Different?

When you go to the doctor today, there are 2 goals today. “Prevention” of developing disease. You are feeling fine, but due to your age, you doctor recommends preventative care. This typically involves screening exams and attempts for early detection of development of disease. Diagnosis of episodic problems. You have an ache, pain, or complaint…

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Decompression of Stress

As an ER physician, I have become very good at concealing my personal emotions. After all, no one wants to hear their doctor’s emotions, especially during a time of crisis. I suspect most of you have become good at this too. Perhaps, you work in an environment where your emotions are unwelcome. We are taught…

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