Healthy food feeds our bodies, fuels our minds and comforts our souls.

Physical activity moves our bodies, frees our minds, and energizes our souls.

Toxins destroy our bodies, distort our minds and impair our souls.

Stress degrades our bodies, shocks our minds and hinders our souls.

Love warms our bodies, eases our minds and enriches our souls.


Health emerges from a balanced mind, body and soul. You can’t buy it, but we can show you how to build health through design and dedication. If you want to feel better, be happier, look better, and have more energy then you have come to the right place. ZingLife™ magazine will explore health, through the lens of our unique Five Pillars of Health™. Our team of experts at the Doctor of Living Institute™ are committed to a new approach to wellness, which considers the mind, body and soul.

Doctor of Living Philosophy

The secrets to health start with self-love. Your daily choices must be purposeful and planned to avoid disease. Make no mistake, you are in control. Amazingly, the life you desire for yourself exists in you already. At the Doctor of Living, we can help you reveal your healthiest mind, body and soul.

–Jeremy Stueven, MD

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